How The Royal Dubai Kids Spend Their Billions (Part 2)

New amazingly expensive things that only the richest royal family children could ever spend their fortuntes on. The most Gold you’ve ever seen! Including the most expensive camel ever! at 2.5 million! , a fleet of private jets for 15 Billion! 100,000,000 milion dollar yacths, cars and villas.

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With almost $20 billion in the bank to spend on fast cars, palaces, extravagant vacations, and some of the world’s largest superyachts, it’s fair to say that the Dubai royal family lives a lavish life. Thanks to the incredible fortune of Dubai’s ruling sheikh, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, he and his family of six wives and 30 kids, can enjoy all of life’s luxuries. So how exactly does Fazza, Mansoor and the other, less-famous 28 kids spend their money? And where does it come from in the first place?

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