"Sell Me This Pen” – Best 2 Answers (Part 1)

This is a social experiment to show you the effect of how emotions can control your sales process. When my colleague agreed to shoot the video, she did not know that I will draw a heart sign picture of her brother’s name and that’s why she had a genuine REAL reaction.

In this video, I demonstrate the most professional way of emotionally and logically selling anything in the world including this pen. Selling is an art and to master it you need to understand the psyche (emotional and psychological) reason people buy. From the greatest Salespeople in the world including Grant Cardon, Victor Antonio, and Ryan Serhant. I present to you, the art of the deal, the pitch and the close.

From the infamous movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”, I present to you the perfect way you can sell any pen in the world.
Special thanks to the soundtrack producer: Gribsound – Abstract Corporate [No Copyright Background Music]

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