Digital Marketing Meaning In Hindi | Digital Marketing Definition Features Importance In Hindi

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Digital Marketing Meaning In Hindi | Digital Marketing Concept In Hindi

Meaning of digital marketing: It is promotion of products and services using digital techniques to reach potential customer. Although it is broad concept and cover all the techniques that helps to connected between customers and seller of products.

It is consist of two words digital and marketing where digital means new technology that helps to make work easy and reduce duration of work with giving instant result and marketing is activity that starts with manufacturing and end with provide additional services to the customers post selling. so overall we can say that digital marketing is new way to create direct marketing where only customer and seller interact together and done all marketing activities in short space of time.

Digital marketing plays important role between seller and customer through to its technique like blogging, Facebook ads, you tube ads, search engine optimization, pay per click, social media optimization and so on.

Need of digital marketing:

1. In these day, most of companies and individual use digital marketing practices or techniques so that they could make promote theirs good and services to reach their targeted audience and generate more income as compare to use of traditional marketing approach that is why it is going in trending.

2. Provide direction: It provides clear and defined strategy for business and allocate the resources to execute proper plan so that businessmen could achieved their objectives. It is clean and clear approach to provide batter direction.

3. Customers have more option: Under this approach customer have much more option to select their desire products and services even under one roof.

4. Timing and money save: As compare to traditional marketing now customers save their timing and money as will because customers do not need to go market and do expenses to reach there.

5. Relationship between online market and customers: It plays important role to establish a relationship between online marketing and customers through quality products and services with affordable cost or connected then between promotion process of product and services.

6. Flexible: It can change their promoting strategy and execution as per market condition and other reasons so it is more flexible way to promoting of goods and services of company and individuals.

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