Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan & Pakistani Delivery Bike Rider Here Big Story Of Goodness

Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan & Pakistani Delivery Bike Rider Here Big Story Of Goodness
On Sunday, a video went viral of Dubai hero, Abdul Ghafoor Abdul Hakeem. A delivery rider from Talabat who stopped his bike to run into the busy Al Quoz junction to remove two fallen concrete bricks that could’ve caused a huge accident.

Abdul Ghafoor’s heroic deeds even got the attention of Dubai Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan who asked the internet to help identify this man so that he could offer his praise.

Dubai hero in action

While out delivering an order, the Pakistani expat realised that the two concrete blocks were a major road hazard. He witnessed a taxi almost lose control after running over one of the bricks.

“To be honest, I didn’t think I was doing anything special,” said Abdul Ghafoor.

“I was just making sure no one would get hurt. If God forbid, one of our riders hit it, it could even cause a death. That is why I acted quickly.”

sheikh hamdan dubai hero
Twitter users also voiced their praise towards the Talabat rider in the comments.

“If everyone could try emulate this man, the world would be a much better place” said a user.

Delivery drivers in Dubai truly have hearts of gold because recently, Talabat and Deliveroo joined forces to save a kitten that was trapped in a car engine.

A royal meeting
Later in the day, social media users had successfully identified Abdul Ghafoor and Sheikh Hamdan was able to call him directly.

sheikh hamdan phone call
According to the delivery rider, within minutes of Sheikh Hamdan posting the viral video, he received a call from Dubai Police who informed him that the Dubai Crown Prince wished to speak with him.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Adbul Ghafoor said that he could not believe his ears when the Dubai Crown Prince was on the other end of the phone.

“The Dubai Crown Prince thanked me for what I had done. He also said that he was out of the country right now and promised he would meet me as soon as he was back.”

“To be honest, I’m still in disbelief that the Sheikh wanted to speak to a common man like me,”

“He is really a great leader.”

Sheikh Hamdan also posted a photo of the Dubai hero, publicly thanking him for his heroism.

Justice was not the only thing that was served that day as Abdul Ghafoor was still able to deliver the order to the intended Talabat customer on time.

Talabat rewards him with a flight home
As a reward for his bravery, Talabat offered the Pakistani national a flight home so that he could spend time with his son who he hadn’t seen since he was a few months old.

“I try and call him every week but I miss him a lot” he said.

“We appreciate it when people take the time to capture these incidents as it helps us recognise riders who contribute to the community,” said Tatiana Rahal, Managing Director of Talabat UAE.

“Such videos have the power to impact our day and even drive positive change. The safety of our roads is everyone’s responsibility, and we are proud of what Abdul Ghafoor has done by removing the concrete blocks off the streets to ensure the safety of other motorists and bike riders. We’re very proud to have him as part of our team and we hope it makes his family proud too when they see him getting appreciated for doing such great deeds.”

Give way to heroes
talabat driver
Abdul Ghafoor stated that he hopes more people show patience towards delivery riders and become more understanding when delays happen due to issues out of their control.

“I just hope people can slow down a little or give us the way once in a while,”

“Also, I hope our customers can be more understanding when delays happen due to issues that are out of our control.”

So don’t complain if your order arrived late because chances are, your delivery rider was probably out rescuing someone. Check social media for viral videos of heroism before making assumptions.

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